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Ruth's House Emergency & Transitional Shelter

Ruth's House is a community home away from home for women and children (pets included) who are experiencing family violence and require a safe haven in the community.

It is a low-security transitional home that allows clients to take care of themselves and freedom to come and go as they please. 

Where is Ruth's House located?

In the city of Calgary (location is private and confidential)

Who can move into Ruth's House?

  • Individuals

  • Families

Is there a minimum or maximum age that can stay at Ruth's House?


Can a pregnant woman or mother with a new born stay at Ruth's House?


What gender is accepted at Ruth's House?

Females only

Is the house furnished?

Yes, Ruth's House is a fully furnished home with everything clients need to feel at home and take care of themselves.

How many members of the family can move into Ruth's House?

Upto to 5 members of the family​ (including 2 female adults)

How long can a client stay at Ruth's House?

30 days or longer depending on the individual needs.

Can clients bring pets to Ruth's House?

Yes, if other clients are not allergic, otherwise alternative arrangements will be made for the client's pets. 

What we expect from Clients:

  • Take care and keep their rooms clean and locked

  • Take part in the cleaning and chores around the home
  • Cook their own meals or as a group
  • Can do their own grocery shopping if needed
  • Do their own laundry
  • Participate in weekly programs

  • Obey House Rules


What happens when you move in?

When families arrive at our home, they are met by one of our Intake workers who will ensure they are settled into their rooms. 

  • Move-In Intake Interview

  • Personal Case Worker

  • Provision of toiletries and clean clothes.

  • Cultural Food in the kitchen and pantry

  • Medical Assessment (if needed)

  • Legal Support (if needed)

  • Access to resources and programs including counseling and financial


How do you refer clients to Ruth's House?

Access to our home is through direct and indirect referrals. 

To access our home please call our 24Hr Line at 587.352.9422.

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