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Sisterhood Support System

What happens when women are abused?


What happens when women abuse?

The primary objective of The Sisterhood is to reduce instances of domestic violence within African households and communities.

In order to achieve this, the organization aims to provide women and girls with access to cultural resources, services, and support.


Furthermore, The Sisterhood strives to assist women and girls in strengthening their familial bonds and enhancing their mental well-being.


The establishment of this safe space ensures that women and girls can seek the assistance they require without the fear of judgment or gossip.


If you have personally experienced domestic violence, The Sisterhood offers a support group where you can connect with other women and find the necessary support.

Remember, there is always a sister ready to lend a helping hand, just as there is a sister in need of assistance!

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm MST

Venue: Zoom.

For more information please


or call 587.352.9422

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