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A safe haven for families experiencing domestic violence in the African Community.

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Ruth's House is a safe haven for those experiencing domestic violence and abuse in the African Community.

Our Vision

To break the cycle of abuse in the African Community.

Our Mission

To provide support for the whole family.

Our Values

  • Family

  • Faith

  • Community


Ruth's House is a safe haven for EVERYONE!

  • Men

  • Women

  • Children

  • Extended Family

  • Community at Large

Domestic abuse in an African home is visible and a taboo subject.

 Our focus is to change the narrative and advocate for change in the home and community.


There are many types of domestic abuse, it’s not just physical abuse, it can be financial, emotional, psychological, mental, verbal, sexual, spiritual, and even workplace abuse.


Domestic abuse and violence is not a private family matter, it affects the family, the community, and the nation.

It is a global matter. 

Our goal is not to destroy the home or turn families against each other, rather Ruth's House believes in the family unit and we aim to work with everyone to ensure our families are strong and have a future free of domestic violence.  

Help Is Available

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What we provide

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Emergency & Transitional  Shelter


 Community Programs


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