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Mom and Son

African Foster & Respite Care Program

Have you ever thought of becoming a Foster parent or providing Kinship Care?

We need homes that can provide foster and kinship care to children in our community.


Fosters homes are anyone in the community who can take in children for short-term periods.

Kinship caregivers can be grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends who were involved in their lives prior to Children’s Services involvement.

The children can range from one day old to 16 years and can be one to several children from the same family. The aim is to keep children/siblings together in the community.

Many children in our community need loving homes that will allow them to remain in the community while they deal with various challenges and trauma.

Let's reduce our children's trauma by keeping them in the community.

You can provide temporary foster care or kinship care to children within the African Community and get paid.

To learn more contact us.

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