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Fists in Solidarity

Black Community Leadership Summit
on Domestic Violence

To create a vision for change.




June 18th 2022


11 am to 2 pm



$40 per person

Lunch included


Genesis Life Centre

108-61 Avenue SW

Calgary AB T2H 0B2

Our Vision

Bringing together the Community leaders, Faith leaders, Agencies and Partners to engage in the important dialogue addressing domestic violence in the African Community in Alberta.

Our Goal

To address domestic violence in our community and formalize an action plan, provide education, training and resources for all community leaders to assist their members who are experiencing abuse. 

Summit Topics

What are the root causes and solutions to domestic abuse in our community?

What are the roles and responsibilities of community leaders?

What are the relevant training, resources and support available to community leaders?

How can community leaders work with agencies, authorities and the government to assist their members when facing a crisis?

Addressing the Mental Health of the community

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